Creative solutions to solve the problems

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Creative solutions to solve the problems

Creative solutions to solve the problems
More than a way to Skin a Cat: Adventures in creativity

How many times have you ever caught yourself language that there may be a no different answer to drawback|a drag|a haul|a retardant|a tangle} – which that problem ends up in a dead-end? what number of times have you ever felt stumped knowing that the matter birthing before you is one you can not solve. No leads.  No options.  No solutions.  

Did it want you to have exhausted all potential choices and nonetheless area unit still before the mountain – giant, unconquerable, and impregnable? once encountering such monumental issues, you will want you are pounding against a steel mountain. The pressure of getting to unravel such a tangle could also be overwhelming.

But rejoice! There can be some hope yet!

With some artistic drawback-solving techniques you will be able to cross-check your problem during a completely different lightweight. which lightweight would possibly simply be the top of the tunnel that ends up in potential solutions.

First of all, within the lightweight of artistic problem-solving, you want to be broad-minded to the fact that there could also be over only one answer to the matter. And, you want to be hospitable the fact that there could also be solutions to issues you thought were insoluble.

Now, with this optimistic attitude, we can try and be a bit a lot of artists in finding our issues.

Number one; perhaps the explanation we tend to cannot solve our issues is that we've not taken a tough cross-check what the matter is. Here, attempting to understanding the matter and having a concrete understanding of its workings is integral to finding the matter. If you recognize however it works, what the matter is, then you've got a more robust foundation towards finding the matter.

Not attempting to create a straightforward statement of what the matter is. try and establish the taking part entities and their relationships with each other area unit. note of the items you stand to realize any stand to lose from this drawback. currently, you've got a straightforward statement of what the matter is.

Number two; try and note all of the constraints and assumptions you've got the words of drawback. typically it's these assumptions that impede our read of potential solutions. you've got to spot that assumptions area unit valid, during which assumptions got to be addressed.

Number three; try and solve the matter by elements. Solve it going from a general read towards a lot of elaborate elements of the matter. this is often referred to as the top-down approach. Write down the question, then return up with a one-sentence answer thereto from them. the answer ought to be a general statement of what's going to solve the matter. From here you'll develop the answer additionally, and increase its quality very {little} by little.

Number four; though it helps to possess important thinking aboard as you solve a tangle, you want to conjointly keep an imaginative, analytical voice at the rear of your head. once somebody comes up with a prospective answer, tried to trust however you may build that answer work. try and be artistic. At an equivalent time, hunt for chinks within the armor of that answer.

Number five; it pays to recollect that there could also be over only one answer being developed at just once. try and keep track of all the solutions and their developments. Remember, there could also be over only one answer to the matter.

Number six; keep in mind that saw," 2 heads area unit higher than one." That one is more true than it sounds. perpetually be hospitable new ideas. you'll solely like taking note of all the ideas every person has. this is often very true once the person you are rebuke has had expertise finding issues almost like yours.

You oughtn't to be a gung-ho, solo hero to unravel the matter. If you'll organize collective thought on the topic, it'd be far better.

Number seven; hold back. As long as you persist, there's perpetually an opportunity that an answer can take place. keep in mind that nobody was able to produce associate invention the primary time around.

Creative thinking exercises may also assist you in your quest to be a lot of artistic convergent thinkers. 

Here is one example.

Take a bit of paper and write any word that involves the mind in the middle. Now, cross-check that word then write the primary 2 words that return to your mind. this could press on till you'll build a tree of connected words. This helps you build figurative skills, and fortify your artistic processes.

So, next time you see a tangle you think that you'll not solve, re-examine. the answer would possibly simply be staring you right within the face. All it takes is simply a bit of creativity, some designing, and an entire heap of labor.

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