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FIRST LAW: Relation of Power to "Tone". The effectiveness of magnetism in action depends upon harmony of "tone" between its soul and the other person, and in securing such "tone"  harmony, on any magnetic plane, in any explicit psychic state, at any given time, psychic and physical magnetism reciprocally work. 

SECOND LAW: Magnetic Intention. The magnetic intention ("I INTEND MAGNETICALLY") intensifies otherwise unconscious magnetism, and runs through all the mass of general etheric vibrations sort of a theme in sophisticated music, impartation to them unity, character, intelligence, and definite and large effectiveness in sensible employment. 

THIRD LAW: Influence of Purpose. within the employment of magnetism, long purpose establishes etheric character, and specialized purpose confirms that character if it concentrates the overall purpose, however confuses that character, maybe destroys it, if it antagonizes the overall purpose. 

FOURTH LAW: Force of the best. The idealism of motive determines the character of etheric vibrations, and therefore the idealism of magnetic activities determines the standard of magnetism achieved. 

FIFTH LAW: Sway of alternative Interest. the overall sway of alternative interests in life, and therefore the explicit influence of alternative interests on special occasions, impart to uses of magnetism huge effectiveness, and not least concerning the self. 

SIXTH LAW: Reaction of Admiration. The consciousness of admiration for others, recognized by them, reacts with tremendous power to stimulate magnetic action. 

SEVENTH LAW: live of the Intake. within the magnetic life, intake of power is properly measured by the output of power: reciprocally in waste, directly in intelligent expenditure. 

EIGHTH LAW: Adjustment. Magnetic effectiveness is proportioned to accuracy and fulness of adjustment, to things, to laws, to forces, to times, to qualities, to facts, to truths, to persons, and solely studied expertise will discover and establish such adjustment. 

The problems of adjustment to person area unit these: 

With inferiors, to place self magnetically, while not the looks of condescension, on their levels for the top seeable, applying then the overall principles of magnetism. 

With equals, to use the overall principles. 

With superiors, to assume their level whereas magnetically deferring, while not flattery or humility, to such superiority, despite its reality or unreality, for the top seeable, applying the overall principles of magnetism. 

NINTH LAW: The magnetism of identity. The magnetic worth of adjustment expresses the force and completeness with that the individual will establish himself with another person, suggesting unity through perspective, gesture, act, eye, tone, language, and extrasensory sympathy. 

TENTH LAW: the utilization of reactions. Magnetic talent exhibits within the manner during which useful reactions area unit received and used, negative or indifferent reactions area unit seemingly neglected, however, planted stimulation for any persistent magnetic action, and hostile reactions area unit refused, while not ostentation, however unfalteringly (if worthwhile) to "win out" through higher adjustment and magnified magnetic endeavor. 

ELEVENTH LAW: Magnetic attack. Magnetic success demands the direct attack once etheric harmony of "tone" is assured, however, the indirect technique otherwise; that's, such attack-methods as can secure that harmony. 

TWELFTH LAW: The conquest of antagonism. Magnetism seemingly ignores, and refrains from, exciting antagonism; however, once antagonism is clear, rejects it and take on the indirect attack, or brazenly accepts it and adopts the direct or the indirect technique because the one or the opposite guarantees speediest and most excellent harmony of "tone". 

THIRTEENTH LAW: Mortal antipathies. Success-Magnetism conquers the influence of planted natural antipathies solely by avoiding their causes. 

FOURTEENTH LAW: Re-adjustment. The etheric life is AN unceasing reaction, and magnetism, therefore, demonstrates itself by squaring with each issue and creating of each modification and each defeat a brand new chance. 

FIFTEENTH LAW: management of output. it's necessary to understand once to open the circuit that's, to chop off this of attractive force because it is to understand once to shut the circuit to shed magnetic influences. 

SIXTEENTH LAW: Concession. Concession becomes magnetic in its timeliness. If premature or unpunctual, it defeats magnetism. 

SEVENTEENTH LAW: Harmonic conditions. Magnetism enhances through the sweetness of non-public surroundings, in cleanliness, order, adornment, art, literature, music, and therefore the like. 

EIGHTEENTH LAW: Sovereignty of can. is that the director of native and unconscious magnetism and therefore the creator and director of developed magnetism? The power of a can is indispensable to magnetic power. 

NINETEENTH LAW: Energy in magnetic action. The projection of magnetic influence proportions to inner, acutely aware intensity of psychic and nervous states. Exploding powder within the gun needs the person behind the weapon, and therefore the soul among the person, and powerful vibrations among the soul's arena, and magnetic intention among the vibrations, and need among the intention. 

TWENTIETH LAW: Self-control. Magnetic power becomes effective exactly as mastery of self, in check and handling, approaches perfection. 

TWENTY-FIRST LAW: Magnetic handling of self. The perspective of magnetism, the magnetic intention, and psychic create, "I stand completely magnetic toward this person or this example," perpetually maintained, ultimately instructs altogether the humanities of magnetic self-handling through the law of auto-suggestion, and realizes within the sensible type its ideals. 

TWENTY-SECOND LAW: The magnetic mask. The mask of magnetism achieves effectiveness once it covers personal states and functions during a manner completely to draw in, and in this manner alone. 

TWENTY-THIRD LAW: Magnetic consciousness. Intense magnetic consciousness while not thought regarding it secures, by its rise and stimulating influence, the best exaltation of non-public powers once utilized. 

TWENTY-FOURTH LAW: Magnetic religion. Deep and important religion within the certainty of magnetic success renders all latent and developed magnetism dynamic if that religion is thrown into action. 

TWENTY-FIFTH LAW: The demand in use. within the application of magnetism to any task, intense, persistent demand upon the Universal Forces swings them directly into trouble. 

TWENTY-SIXTH LAW: The affirmation in use. When, within the application of magnetism, one affirms, mentally, intensely, persistently, "I am receiving and exerting power," he unconsciously calls to assist all the success-elements and makes himself a middle toward that the Universal Forces inevitably gravitate. 

TWENTY-SEVENTH LAW: The magnetic telescope. The magnetic attitudes, faith, demand, and affirmation, represent a magnetic telescope through that the distant goal of success is enlarged and everyone nearer obstacle, lures, and worsening conditions area unit closed out of reading. 

TWENTY-EIGHTH LAW: Magnetic accumulations. Magnetism, through correct application to life, not solely develops within the individual, however, accumulates in his atmosphere, and reacts beneficially while not direct personal superintendence. 

TWENTY-NINTH LAW: the non-public atmosphere. the non-public atmosphere precisely reflects the inner self, and it furnishes an ideal field for magnetic effectiveness only the self and therefore the body area unit clean and chirpily healthy.  

THIRTIETH LAW: Subordination of physical magnetism. within the subordination of physical to psychic magnetism, everyone finds its greatest effectiveness in line with the relative development of each order. 

THIRTY-FIRST LAW: The fastened plan. Long-continued association with some fastened, nice and engaging plan sets into operation sure deep, subconscious operations of the soul, which, for a time unrecognized and unmanifest in life, bit by bit and for certain coordinate, all individual powers to it, induce an operating of the entire system harmonized with that, and at last emerge within the objective life and consciousness as a unified, actual dynamic force. the concept has swung the individual, has reworked him, has harmonical and intense his schools and his ether, has returned to sovereignty in his atmosphere, and from there exerts a dynamic force upon people and life's conditions. 

This article has tried to saturate you with the concept of success coordinative with its necessary parts and has so endeavored to swing your whole being into the mighty belief that enormous success is additionally for you.


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