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How to make a fantastic lampshade

How to make a fantastic lampshade

Here we will present to you two styles of DYI Lampshades :
The first one is with the wood style, the second is with using a trash and an old lampshade to make a fantastic lampshade!

Style 1: Woody style

make a fantastic lampshade
Here’s what you need:

7 strips of as wide and thin balsa wood that you can find (I got mine from Hobby Lobby. 7 strips cost me $17)
brown acrylic paint and water
hot glue gun
First, I painted my strips of balsa wood with acrylic paint. I painted a few strips a darker color, then watered down the paint, and painted a few more strips, etc…
make a fantastic lampshade

Here are my painted and dried balsa wood strips ready to be cut.
antastic lampshade

I used scissors to cut each wide strip into multiple pieces. This saved money! I made my strips all different sizes. The thin balsa wood can easily be cut with scissors!
lamp 12

Now it’s time for assembly. Be patient, it will get frustrating. First, hot glue one piece of wood around the top and bottom of the shade. If you have a large shade, like me, one piece will not fit… cut up another one and do a little patch, like so…

make a fantastic lampshade

I only glued the edges of the balsa wood down. You need to be able to tuck the ends into each other. Also, only the first few strips can be put on all in one piece. After that I started cutting the strips to fit specific spots and go under/ over certain pieces. I tried to keep the pieces as tight to the shade as possible.

make a fantastic lampshade

The weaving process takes time and patience! My mom helped me a lot… I was getting frustrated! Many of the pieces in the pic below are only a few inches long. It’s not going to be perfect… it has issues… and that yellow wall was not helping the color in this picture either : /

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