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How To: Prep Like A Pro Makeup Artist

I know there are so many of you out there who love makeup. And with that comes the need to create and share your passion with others.

So in today’s post, we’ll cover how to prep like a pro makeup artist and the do’s and don’ts of doing makeup on others…



Let me start by saying, makeup is definitely art. It goes as far as your creativity and the personal spin you put on it.

I’m not one of those “you have to have a degree or a certificate to do makeup” kind of people, BUT….

I also need to stress that there’s so much more to being a professional makeup artist than just doing beauty makeup on yourself or others – (which is predominantly what we see on social media today).

Makeup as a whole is divided into many categories: beauty, editorial, TV, theatre/stage, special FX and so on. So, if you’re considering working as a professional makeup artist, attending a course which covers all aspects of makeup can help you decide which category you’re more drawn to.

This also enables you to have the knowledge and practical experience behind you – if and when you’re booked by brands and agencies. Every part of makeup category adds to your skill set and hence opens doors for you to expand your creative vision.

And you’ll never know, maybe your calling is in Special FX makeup and being exposed to it in a course could lead you down the path where you end up working on major blockbusters or your favorite TV show 🙂


Naturally, makeup application is done in people’s personal space. You’re in their face, touching their skin, talking to them throughout and so it’s imperative that you’re at your absolute prime in terms of personal hygiene.

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