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Nice tips with old sweaters

It’s sweater weather! Time to cycle out that summer wardrobe and cozy up with knitwear! But look at last year’s sweaters. Sure, some of them are perfectly nice — but don’t you sort of regret that green and brown argyle print that you thought brought out your eyes, but really just made your haven’t-seen-the-sun-in-a-week pallor look sickly? It’s probably best to learn your lesson on that one.

Don’t just throw those threadbare or questionably colored knits away, though. You can upcycle them into new accessories and decor for your home!

Here we present for you many ways to use your old sweater for DIY projects. We explained some of them in other posts.

1. Cover a vase!

Sweater sleeves can make cute cozies, bringing a little bit of warmth to your indoor plant displays.

2. Just cut the cowl neck off for a scarf!

This is probably the easiest project of the bunch!

3. Keep your furry friends warm, too.

Nothing makes me feel guiltier than my skinny little dog shivering away at my feet in the cold months. For the little ones, a bit of extra warmth is as easy as cutting off a sleeve and adding holes for Fido’s front legs.
Or, you know, keep those baby goats warm.
And die of cuteness overload!

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