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All Pirates of the Caribbean Mistakes in 5 minutes

All Pirates of the Caribbean Mistakesin 5 minutes

Pirates Caribbean Mistakes 5 minutes
CinemaSins lists 50 errors in Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s a lot ! The editor sometimes shows the wrong time (the “pillows pigs”, this is not frankly a mistake), but most of the time, the video just hits. To begin with, Pirates of the Caribbean has big logic problems. Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) feels she is going to faint and she stands at the edge of a wall overlooking the water, normal. Will (Orlando Bloom) is a superman: he manages to survive the explosion of a ship, then swims several meters in just a few seconds. Jack (Johnny Depp) managed to escape once from an island, but Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) intends to return it EXACTLY to the same place?

All Pirates of the Caribbean errors

Strangely, it is not the most amusing stupidities. Visual problems may make you laugh. How is it that the British soldiers can not keep upright and in line, while Jack’s pirates (who are fueled by rum, let’s remember) get it right? Within hours, Will’s face changes. It is not a few hairs that appear but … outright a goat! A soldier shot Sparrow by closing his eyes, we saw more convenient. When his boat sinks, the hero stands on his right foot and raises his left to dock, then lays the right on the landing stage. Would he finally hopped? And above all, what does a “cowboy” do on the ship? Between mistakes of fittings, illogical elements and details that kill, Pirates of the Caribbean contains indeed a lot of amazing plans. You spotted it?

Watch this video and you will be really surprised. Have you seen this before? I think absolutely you didn’t.

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